Who We Are

Where innovation becomes the future.

Making an impact

自2002年以来,我们培育了成功的创新技术(I&T) companies, 建立了强大的本地及国际伙伴网络,并在科技园内建立了一个蓬勃发展的社区.


people in the HKSTP community
technology companies
R&D practitioners
countries/regions of origin for park companies
graduates from our incubation programmes
unicorns — SenseTime, Lalamove and SmartMore
nearly 80% of graduated incubatees still in business as of 31 May 2021
billion raised (since 2017)
private and public sector partnerships
awards received

*Data as of 31 July 2021.


Our Vision

创造一个充满活力的创新和科技生态系统,为香港和地区带来社会和经济效益, 为年轻一代创造一个充满创新机会的未来.

Our Mission

To connect stakeholders, 促进知识转移,培育人才,加速科技创新和商业化.


Our Ecosystem

我们透过一系列策略性措施,加强香港的创新及科技生态系统. 在我们建造这座城市最大的R&D base to turn ideas into market-ready solutions.


We connect high-growth tech startups with investors and also invest through our direct investment arm. Check out HKSTP Ventures or 通过我们拥有1000多名投资者的庞大网络和一系列标志性的全球推介活动,探索投资机会.

Market and Industry Adoption

我们促进市场采用技术解决方案,使行业保持竞争力. 我们根据行业需求匹配和定制创业解决方案. Find new technologies to transform your business.

Human Capital

We expand and nurture the R&D talent pool, locally and globally. 通过我们的职业博览会,找到您的技术职业生涯的下一步,最大的I&T career fair in the city and other programmes. Explore our Talent Pool 为我们的合作伙伴提供机会的平台.

在科技园,我们正在创造一种共同创造的社区文化. 通过我们建立一个团队,使您的抱负与他们需要的住房支持相匹配 Accommodation Support Scheme and InnoCell co-living space (to be completed by the end of 2020).

Policy Support

我们获得政府的支持,为你们提供所需的服务和资金. Get R&D and market adoption assistance through the Public Sector Trial Scheme, Postdoctoral Hub Programme, Researcher Programme, and Technology Talent Admission Scheme.


We build the labs, 制造中心和工作区,帮助您开发下一个突破性的解决方案. 找到适合你的行业需求的设施——无论是人工智能还是机器人, Biotech, data and connectivity, IoT or Fintech —right here at your fingertips.

Innovation Culture

我们倡导开放的创新文化和创业精神. Feel the vibes of our SPARK 社区超过10,100+成员体验独特的“工作”. Live. Play. Learn” culture in Science Park.


Multidisciplinary Hub

HKSTP is the city’s largest R&D base. We focus on translational research, 本地和海外市场的产品开发和市场支持. In recent years, 我们加深了在四个战略领域的关注——人工智能和机器人, Biomedical, Data and Smart City, Fintech – to innovate, educate, and change the world. 我们继续通过我们的五个集群服务于创新和技术生态系统:生物医学技术, Electronics, Green Technology, Information and Communication Technology, and Material and Precision Engineering.


Innovation Catalyst

香港已准备好成为亚洲下一个创新中心,而科技园正助其一臂之力. 我们正在建设一个技术发展的蜂巢——战略性地位于大湾区——以影响世界. View the number of I&T awards we have won this year. 


Ideas Incubator

无论你是企业家还是公司股东, at HKSTP, you will have all the infrastructure, knowledge, 通过创新和技术的合作,推动成功和超越. In 2019, 荣获亚洲企业孵化协会(AABI)颁发的“年度孵化器奖”. We also promote corporate innovation: see how our Global Acceleration Academy (GAA) 激发创业和企业创新潜力.



Our inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, 工业和企业合作伙伴齐聚一堂,迎接世界上最重要的挑战, collaborating with the government, regulators, industry, academia, 来自全球的研究机构和技术人才. 科技园是一群有梦想、有成就的人, 为您与世界各地的行业和市场机会建立联系提供了一个平台.


Our Success Stories

Our partner companies’ success is our success. Accelerate. Grow. Work with HKSTP to launch your future today. Read inspiring stories of our companies. Their stories are our stories.

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