The early stage of the breeding

Take advantage of HKSTP's pre-incubation programme to realise your innovative ideas。Take advantage of our rich resources to prepare for incubation programs and start the road to success。


IDEATION at HKSTP is a one-year programme dedicated to nurturing future stars in the technology sector。Through this program, we will provide you with seed funding of up to HK $100,000 and shared office space to help youTurn thoughts into reality。

In HKSTP, you will hone your skills, improve yourself and explore new business opportunities。The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park will help you to improve your professional skills, build the best business model, promote your products to investors, obtain financial support and other assistance。

Lion Rock 72 Co-working space

In Lion Rock 72, find your favorite co-working space, stimulate your potential, and make great achievements。Lion Rock 72 is the first start-up site outside Hong Kong's Science Park and is exclusively owned by companies participating in the incubation programme。Here, you will join hands with other like-minded entrepreneurs to march towards success。

All Lion Rock 72 facilities are open 24 hours a day, fully meet your needs to share knowledge and exchange experience with other enterprises。Promote your products through a series of multi-functional areas in the form of lectures and product presentations。

仅供For use by members of the nurturing program。

Technology Entrepreneur Partnership Program (TPP)

We lead outreach to leaders in local universities, accelerators, collaborative workspaces, and start-up communities to share expertise with aspiring tech entrepreneurs。Join Hong Kong Science and Technology Park to drive entrepreneurship and soar to the sky。

HKSTP welcomes you to share your creative ideas and resources with us。We provide investment support, mentoring, training, promotion, community outreach, business development and nurturing opportunities for your local startup。

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