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HKSTP is not only a core base for innovation development, but also a multicultural and vibrant community where people can work, live, relax and learn to inspire innovation and achieve a satisfying life。

Step into a new milestone of Hong Kong Innovation

The new Chuangke Experience Hall realizes the infinite imagination of science and technology。

Explore tomorrow's opportunities at Hong Kong's largest scientific research base, witness the innovation community of 1000 technology enterprises, inspire ideas and create a better future。



On-campus accommodation -- Innovative rooms

Creative studio, | Hong Kong science park

The Innovation Room is an intelligent living and collaboration space specially designed for HKSTP innovation talents to develop the innovation and science collaboration community。

The design of the building is both functional and aesthetic, and creates a new shared space of life mode with smart living technology, which promotes the collaboration and communication of like-minded innovators, inspires creative thinking and benefits people with science and technology。

The Innovation Room is the first project in Hong Kong to be built using the assembly and synthetic construction method. It demonstrates a safe, cost-effective and sustainable innovative construction model to enhance the overall quality of construction。The design has won several awards in the global architecture industry, including the year 2020 Rethinking The FutureRunner-up in the housing and Public Institutions (Concept) category, andWorld Architecture Journalism Award 2021 (WAN Awards 2021)Silver award in the "Residential" category。

To explore the SPARK  Your startup community

A creative community that unleashing the soft power of 13,000+ HKSTP talents

A powerful network that pushes boundaries and innovates together to unlock potential

An innovative force that brings together chuangke people to cooperate with each other

We are ready by INSPIRE, RECHARGE The four elements (# start), CHALLENGE (# go beyond) and CONNECT (# CONNECT) drive your innovation spirit。

We are SPARK。

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  • Full connectivity to park applications and year-round smart park services
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Service facilities

Hong Kong Science ParkLet you enjoy享用各國Eat and relax靈。快來探索One of the top餐廳Leisure facilities。


Hong Kong Science Parkdowntown, easily accessible by car or public transport。Detailed route參考圖。


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