Innovation park
Further innovation in manufacturing

Innovation park
Further innovation in manufacturing

We are ready to start with innovative manufacturing to meet the future beyond imagination。


The changing economic environment has created opportunities for the repositioning of the industrial estates in the Hong Kong Science park。Three industrial estates from1970Since its establishment, it has been an industrial production base in need of larger space。As companies scale up and move production to other cities in the region, and as new companies invest and develop new technology projects in Hong Kong, the development opportunities for industrial estates are significant。Focusing on Hong Kong's competitive edge, HKSTP is committed to revitalizing industrial estates by attracting high value-added, high-tech content and advanced technologyTo ensure the sustainable and long-term development of the local industrial community and benefit the community as a whole。"Industrial estates" must keep pace with The Times and transform into "innovation parks" to achieve greater dreams for traditional industries through innovative manufacturing and gradually move towards technology-driven industries。

The Innovation Park will bring together cutting-edge technologies to help transform local r&d projects into marketable goods and services。We must grasp the industry driven by advanced science and technology4.0"The opportunity to usher inA digitally driven, future-oriented Hong Kong。

With bold imagination and creative design, industrialists will realize infinite possibilities in the Innovation Park。With the mission of "Further innovation and Manufacturing", we will blaze a new trail and shape a better world with the concept of "Innovation, Design and Manufacturing in Hong Kong"。Here, we use data and advanced technology to create the future and contribute to the success of Hong Kong's high-tech talents, start-ups and innovation communities。

Hong Kong Science ParkAs the top innovation technology hub in Hong Kong, the company is actively developing in the innovation ParkFacilities suitable for innovative manufacturing To support by R & DItems to produce。Innovation park土地*And multi-storey high-efficiency industrial Spaces will support different emerging industriesAnd the development of innovative manufacturing, linking Hong Kong's high-tech knowledge with global manufacturingTogether, the industrial chain will create more value for the Hong Kong economy and help local enterprises to look to the international market。


Reindustrialization development direction

We are committed to promoting Hong Kong innovation, Hong Kong design and Made in Hong Kong to help Hong Kong industry flourish, so that industrialists can capitalise on the brand trust in Hong Kong to enter the Greater Bay Area and overseas markets。To support the reindustrialisation policy, HKSTP has been concentrating resources on production in Hong Kong for quality projects that meet the following requirements:


1. Boost local industrial output
2. Actively invest in Hong Kong industries
3. Increase quality job opportunities
4. Production of technology content products
5. Add advanced process flow
6. Combine creative research and development elements
7. Production to meet local needs
8. Develop a sustainable business


This development direction serves as the principle for the upgrading and transformation of our innovation Park company, promoting the commercialization of new technologies and manufacturing high-value products, creating more demand for high-tech talents and seizing future opportunities for the young generation。​


List of Innovation Parks

Tseung Kwan O Innovation Park

The 75-hectare Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate is now redesignated as Tseung Kwan O Innovation Park with a special waterfront site, which is particularly suitable for the Marine industry or projects with vessel requirements ,Examples are heavy industry, commercial manufacturing and ICT related services。

Tseung Kwan O Innovation Park is located in the south-east of Tseung Kwan O New Town, 2 km from MTR Hong City Station and connected to East Kowloon through the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel。

Key projects include:

  • Data Technology Center
    Located in tseung Kwan O Innovation Park, it is fully equipped to enable you to turn your data assets into business value, build competitive advantage and accelerate digital transformation。
  • Advanced Manufacturing Center
    Hong Kong Science park's flagship project, expected to open in 2022, will provide flexible and intelligent production facilities for companies to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers。


Yuen Long Innovation Park

The 67-hectare Yuen Long Industrial Estate, now redesignated as Yuen Long Innovation Park, covers a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals and biomedicine。

Yuen Long Innovation ParkAdjacent to shenzhen Bay port andLok ma chauControl stationIs the preferred choice for cross-border businesses。透過3The link between Route no. 1 and Tuen Mun Road to the Kwai Chung Container Terminal makes yuen Long Innovation Park suitable for all types of businesses, especially the logistics oriented manufacturing industry。

It is about to yuen Long Town Centre1Km, from the city centre to Kowloon by MTR West rail。

Key projects include:

  • Microelectronics center
    Flexible design of dust-free workshops and special chemical treatment facilities to support the development and trial production of new generation micro-electronic products。


Tai Po Innovation Park

Tai Po Industrial Estate has been redesignated as Tai Po Innovation Park, 75Our main clients are food manufacturing, media services and fashion products companies, as well as well-known local and international brands。

It is about to tai Po town centre1.5Kilometre. It is convenient to take the MTR East Rail Line or drive along tolo Highway to Tai Po Innovation Park。

Key projects include:

  • Precision manufacturing center
    We will renovate a building in innovation Park to make it a production base for precision products。
  • Medical supplies manufacturing center
    The refurbished medical supplies manufacturing center is dedicated to the production of medical supplies, medical related equipment, materials, accessories, health related products and other precision instruments。


Selected media coverage

Watch the latest news about innovation Park and the companies in the estate。


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2. Place to rent multi-storey Factory buildings - our technology-themed buildings cater to industrialists' needs for pre-production and advanced manufacturing. You can optimize your productivity through our customizable space。

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If you have any questions about the Hong Kong Science Park reindustrialisation project, please contact us。

* Land in industrial estates (now redesignated as Innovation Park)Have the following terms of use:

  1. The land lease period is2047630日。
  2. There are restrictions on the use of leased land。
  3. Subletting is not allowed。
  4. Lease of land mortgage and mortgage restrictions。
  5. A deed is not transferable。
  6. Lessee must make commitments in accordance with the approved application, including but not limited to investment, operation commencement schedule and output。
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