Cultivating talents

World-changing research solutions start with first-class teamwork。HKSTP's recruitment platform will help you discover creative talents and turn your dreams into reality。

We cooperate with local and foreign universities and professional organizations to help you attract talents。Through career fairs, talks, exhibitions and exchange programmes, HKSTPC inspires entrepreneurship and recruits innovators who think outside the box。We also help you recruit your ideal team members through itC's various funding and talent programmes。

Hong Kong Science Park institute of Science

HKSTP InnoAcademy works with the industry to provide you with a series of continuous training and support programs to help you to create unlimited possibilities for yourself in the innovation field背景To enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong's innovation industry。

As one of the key projects of the Hong Kong Science Park's Innovation Academy, TLT aims to select innovative talents to participate in the 26-month programme to develop leadership and innovation capabilities。With a view to becoming future innovation leaders, the young students will work as interns in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation for two months before taking up full-time research positions in the Park Corporation for 24 months。

The Professional Futures Programme, supported by HKSTP and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims to create trainee positions to help graduates enter the workforce。As an industry coordinator, we provide trainees with entry-level positions in the park company, and arrange one-week pre-service industry training and on-job training lasting for one year to promote talent development in the field of "Innovation and heart"。

The DTT programme of HKSTP innovation Science Academy aims to nurture talents in advanced science and technology. Through artificial intelligence, data science or microelectronics training, the trainees can experience the innovation profession for themselves and have more opportunities to intern or work in HKSTP companies to develop their innovation career in Hong Kong。



Hong Kong Science park entrepreneurship training platform

The HKSTP Entrepreneurship Training Platform was established to promote science-based entrepreneurship by equipping researchers with the entrepreneurial skills they need to translate their research findings into action and power to impact the world。 Through experiential training programmes, we support students to explore the business potential of their start-ups and strengthen their contacts with the industrial and commercial sectors to facilitate the transformation and application of research findings。


Itf Research Talent Pool

The Research Talent Pool will raise funds for your RESEARCH projects and recruit bachelor's, Master's and doctoral graduates as research specialists。The Research Talent Pool aims to nurture technical talents and encourage them to continue their development in the fields of innovation and research。This program allows you to absorb creative elite, so that the enterprise connotation is richer。

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Entry Scheme for Science and Technology Talents

This program helps you quickly recruit non-local entrepreneurship talents。If your company works in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, cybersecurity, data analytics, fintech, materials science, robotics, 5G communications, digital entertainment, green technology, integrated circuit design, Internet of Things, or microelectronics,Is eligible to apply for the scheme,Attract talents from mainland and overseas to support r&d。

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Student Internship Scheme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

You may hire full-time college students or above as interns。This scheme provides financial assistance to hire trainees to assist in business operations, and to enable them to gain knowledge and work experience in the innovation and technology fields

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Our partner companies can identify and recruit new Talent through the Talent Connect program。Here you can meet promising students from local universities and institutions, including undergraduates, MBA graduates, masters of Science and postgraduates。Our internship matching activities, career activities in the campus and recruitment seminars also give you the opportunity to recruit ideal talents。​


The program provides training in human resource management and allows participating companies to hire interns based on their business needs。The two-year programme is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the Hong Kong Society of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) and sponsored by JP Morgan chase。From 2017 to 2019, 60 HKSTPC partner companies received training in HUMAN resource management, followed by 120 internship opportunities for 200 associate degree students and vocational training school students in engineering, design and business management。In 2020, a new element will be added to the program, giving students the opportunity to give back to the community by using the skills they learned during their internships。

Science park Career Expo

As one of the flagship activities of THE Hong Kong Science Park, the Science Park Career Expo provides an effective matching platform for talents and park companies who are interested in joining the Hong Kong Science Park, the largest innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong。

The science Park Online Career Expo, which will be held for the first time in March 2020, will break the geographical boundaries for the first time and reach out to global entrepreneurship talents。More than 1,100 jobs in ai robots, fintech, medical technology and smart cities will come from 170 tech companies in the park。The online career Expo platform attracted more than 370,000 page views, attracting entrepreneurship talents from 100 regions around the world, with more than 89,000 page views。

Please pay close attention to the online and offline versions of the Hong Kong Science Park Career Expo in 2021。

Recruitment platform

Through the recruitment platform, we advertise the job and internship opportunities of enterprises to recruit outstanding research talents。There have been 27,000 job seekers on the site since its launch登記

We work with different stakeholders to nurture entrepreneurial talent

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