Business cooperation

To cater to the rapidly changing market, you have to be one step ahead。
Full digital transformation, can seize the opportunity to stand out。

With an extensive network of over 1,000 startups, we are able to bring together innovative ideas and solutions to take our business to new heights。Business partners work together with us along the journey to build exclusive business goals。We have a special training programme for start-ups to develop innovative solutions to meet business challenges。

Grasp the new opportunities brought by innovation and technology to drive successful start-up。Make an appointment with our professional team immediately and gradually expand our business。


Identify appropriate innovation solutions

Identify proven global innovative technology solutions to meet business needs and challenges。


Virtual laboratory

Use simulated data in virtual lab to test and validate innovative concepts, more effectively implement creative solutions and collect useful business data。

Living laboratory

We provide innovative solutions tailored to realistic scenarios。


Carry out concept tests in the field, and accelerate the development of future breakthrough innovation projects together。

Collaborative Incubation Programme

Participate in the incubation programme and work with Hong Kong Science Park to pool resources to transform innovative concepts into commercial solutions and enhance market competitiveness。

Investment matching

Expand investment network, connect local and overseas start-up ecosystem, seize new investment opportunities, connect with the next unicorn company to take off together。


Join our huge start-up community and network of over 90 world-renowned partners。Support early-stage incubation of early-stage startups, build closer connections in advance, and walk side by side with companies that are ready to become unicorns。For more information, please email tomarketplace@wantthatphoto.comConnect with our Marketplace team。

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