Capital investment

Government funding and support programmes

The innovation and technology sectors are key drivers of economic development, hence the government has launched a series of funding schemes for start-ups and other enterprises。TecOne one-stop support Centre provides information on various government grants and support schemes, as well as professional advisory services for start-ups to facilitate business expansion。Welcome to visitTecOneOr email Contact us。


Overview of Government Funding Schemes:

Public Sector Trial Scheme:

Research talent pool:

Entrepreneurship Internship Program:



Hong Kong Science and Technology Park fund and enterprise financing support

Financing is an essential part of business operation, so we set up a platform for the innovation ecosystem to promote fund raising。

The financing platform is a popular platform for startups and investors to explore investment opportunities and bring revolutionary technology products to market by connecting multiple financing channels。

We harness the resources of Hong Kong Science parks and private investors to actively promote the growth of early-stage start-ups。Hong Kong Science park Venture Capital FundAs the main driving force, it also directly participated in the investment from seed round to A round stage, and co-invested with private investors。

Our performance from 2020 to 2021:

Supported company
Portfolio matching
Hk $33.2 billion
Company in the Park18/19The amount of money raised since 2000
Hk $600 million
The amount of capital under management of the Hong Kong Science park Venture Capital Fund

We provide a range of practical tools, communication resources, and eventsInvestment matching ActivitiesTo promote the success of start-ups and investors, and to foster networking, collaboration and exchange of ideas to have a more far-reaching positive impact on innovation and technology development in Hong Kong。

Our innovation ecosystem creates endless business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investorscapital@wantthatphoto.comContact our professional team。

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