Enterprise Acceleration Program

Accelerate business development and explore international market

What is the Enterprise Accelerator program?

The Enterprise Accelerator program helps startups grow their businesses, quickly enter global markets, and expand internationally。The program covers all industries and focuses on high-potential startups that are in a period of accelerated growth。

If your startup has innovative technology, a marketable product, a scalable business model and a passionate team, and is committed to expanding in Asia and the international market, please join HKSTP's Enterprise Accelerator program and success will be within your grasp。

Advantages of the enterprise accelerator program

Located in Hong Kong's Greater Bay Area, with 11 cities and 65 million people, the project offers you unprecedented opportunities to promote your business and leverage your capabilities to enter the ASEAN market。Through this program, you will take advantage of Hong Kong's largest entrepreneurial ecosystem, with the full support of the Hong Kong Government, and with over 70 leading corporate partners and 110 experts from over 20 industries導師The precious resources, fast implementation of the market。

自從2018Since the beginning of the year, we have helped corporate Accelerator program participants finance ultra​​過20Million Hong Kong dollars。Past participants of the Enterprise Accelerator program are located around the world, across more than 20 economies, including the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia and Southeast Asia。

The Enterprise Accelerator program is available for you

Funding support

Up to HK $4.8 million in financial support to subsidize public relations, marketing, professional services and corporate compliance costs。

Funding support

  • Take advantage of HKSTP's extensive investor network to seize financing opportunities through various channels。
  • Obtain professional guidance on the preparation of financing materials, transaction structure, transaction execution and investor negotiations。

Business Development Support

Whether you want to focus locally or think globally, The Enterprise Accelerator program will help you take your business to the sky with product testing assistance, business expansion coaching and CEO coaching。

Professional Service Support

The Enterprise Accelerator program provides you with a complete package of support for your company's growth。Through professional services in risk management, property rights strategy, compliance and operations, the company lays a solid foundation for success。

Let the business further, accelerate the development to the next stage of the enterprise

  • Technology enterprise managers can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop mature enterprises。
  • Your team can acquire the necessary skills in business management, business expansion, and capital mobilization to better prepare the company to move forward。

Is the Enterprise Accelerator program right for you?

The Enterprise Accelerator program brings together outstanding startups from all over the world and welcomes outstanding companies to participate in achieving their goals。All eligible companies are welcome to apply to join the scheme。Conditions are as follows:

  • The applicant company is in the growth stage and is committed to expanding globally
  • It is now a incubation company under the Hong Kong Science Park Entrepreneurship Incubation Programme or an existing partner company of science Park
  • The applicant company must have a headquarters and an administrative function in Hong Kong。Company chief executives are required to be permanently resident in Hong Kong。
  • The number of employees does not exceed 100
  • At least half of the full-time staff in Hong Kong work in the scientific research field

Apply to join the Enterprise Accelerator Program


* If the applicant is not currently a incubation company under the HKSTP or an existing science Park partner company, he/she needs to become a Science Park partner company and move to the Science Park within 6 months (from the approval date) after successfully applying for the ENTERPRISE Acceleration Scheme。

Enterprise Accelerator List of companies

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