Elite Enterprise Scheme

What is the Elite Enterprise Scheme?

The Elite Enterprise Programme helps high-growth technology companies expand their businesses outside Hong Kong and eventually become unicorns。

If your company has A unique and market proven technology, an international business model ready for development and A round of financing, you will have the opportunity to become one of our next elite companies!

What support elite Enterprises plan to provide?

Funding support

  • Access up to HK $21.5 million to drive your business growth。

Funding support

  • Identify potential investors and diversify capital sources。
  • Provide guidance on raising capital, executing deal structures and negotiating with investors。
  • Prepare ipo/M&A for your company。

Business Development Support

  • Provide product adoption support to help you reach out to Asia and internationally。
  • Matchmaking for local and international business partners。
  • Increase market exposure through participation in exhibitions, product launches, press conferences and media interviews。

Professional Service Support

  • Provide full support for company growth。Through professional services in risk management, property rights strategy, compliance and operations, the company lays a solid foundation for success。

Form a complete set of support

  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment, software and laboratory facilities supported by professional engineers and expert teams。

Is the Elite Enterprise Program right for you?

We help companies with high growth potential expand their business to become unicorns。The Elite Enterprise Programme welcomes the following companies:

  • Aim to expand beyond Hong Kong and become the next unicorn;
  • Significant income growth and ability to create wealth
  • Have considerable business development and r & D plans
  • Registered in Hong Kong for at least two years
  • We have at least 30 employees worldwide
  • Commit to sign a three-year tenancy agreement with the Hong Kong Science park

Qualification examination conditions

We consider your application based on the following criteria:

  • Business Development Plan
  • Financial sources and performance
  • Technology and r&d programs
  • Management team qualifications
  • Contribute to the ecosystem

Evaluation of business objectives

To track your performance, we evaluate the following business objectives every six months:

  • Business development
  • Research and development

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