What is the IDEATION program?

IDEATIONThe program aims to help companies implement innovative ideas and succeed in entrepreneurship。The program will focus on nurturing entrepreneurs who are interested in science and technology r&d within one year and provide all-round support for entrepreneurship。

Through this program, you will deeply learn and acquire the necessary skills to start your own business。HKSTP will tailor your business model to help you seize investment opportunities and improve your research solutions to help you succeed。

What does the IDEATION program offer you?

Financial aid

  • Up to HK $100,000 in seed capital


  • 導師Provide direction for improvement of the plan


  • Content includes: Hong Kong's start-up ecosystem, business plan, fundraising presentation, investment plan, etc


  • Enjoy a co-working space*

Further development

  • Equip yourselfApply for the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Incubation Scheme

* Subject to shared workspace usage

Is the IDEATION program right for you?

HKSTP aims to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs。We welcome all qualified entrepreneurs, teams and companies to apply to join IDEATION。Conditions are as follows:

  • Innovative ideas, business plans and research teams, and
  • Individual: must be 18 years of age or above and hold a Hong Kong identity card, or
  • Company: a limited company registered in Hong Kong for not more than two years before the commencement date of application, or
  • Team: The application team must have a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong prior to the commencement of the scheme

Application process

  • Please prepare a business plan covering the audit criteria, please refer to it for detailsPlan template
  • 完成Online Application ProcessTo upload supplementary files
  • Audit criteria:
    • Quality and competence of the team
    • Feasibility of commercial operation
    • Innovation of the project
    • Science and Technology research and development content

Application Schedule


  • Application Time: 202153At noon,12時至2020531At noon,12
  • Assessment Meeting (for selected applications only) : From late June to early July 2021
  • Announcement of results: 2021年7月


  • Application Time: 12 noon on 1 September 2021 to 12 noon on 30 September 2021
  • Assessment Meeting (for selected applications only) : From late October to early November 2021
  • Announcement of results:2021年11月


  • Application Time: 202213At noon,12時至20221Noon on the 28th12
  • Assessment Meeting (for selected applications only) : Late February to early March 2022
  • Announcement of results:2022年3月

* A detailed timetable will be notified to applicants later。


Frequently Asked Questions about IDEATION


絕對不!只要你年滿18歲、有志投身科創,不論是學生還是在職人士,都歡迎以兼職形式參與IDEATION plan,實踐你的創業理想。

We are committed to fostering new stars in the field of science and technology, so there is no quota。

We welcome team applications, which will require the establishment of a limited company in Hong Kong prior to the commencement of the scheme。

The whole process will take about 2 months from the application deadline。

Application and approval procedures

  1. Submit your application before the application deadline
  2. The preliminary screening
  3. Finalists will be invited to a judging session
  4. Finalists give presentations during the judging session
  5. Successful applicants are required to attend the information review meeting
  6. results


Plan content

We will assist members in formulating a one-year development plan and distribute the grant in 3 phases as planned。

The IDEATION programme provides members with 10 specific training topics, including the development of a persuasive business plan and the method of raising start-up capital, to enhance members' basic understanding of business management and the start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong。Members are required to complete 10 specified training courses within the one-year scheme period. Otherwise, they are deemed to have failed to achieve the specified objectives and may not receive the full amount of seed funding。
In addition to the designated 10 classes, we also provide other types of training, participants are welcome to register。

During the IDEATION program period, members can use the services provided by the partners for the companies in the park to obtain all-round entrepreneurial support。

Members can also participate in start-up gatherings and exchanges to experience and join the start-up ecosystem of the Hong Kong Science Park。

When members complete IDEATION program, we will recommend outstanding projects to apply for entrepreneurship cultivation program to further develop in the science and technology entrepreneurship industry。
In addition to reviewing the application documents for the incubation programme, the assessment panel will also review members' achievements in the IDEATION programme。
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