World-class supporting facilities

We build an interconnected infrastructure for the innovation ecosystem, facilitating collaboration and exchange of ideas among business, academia and other partners。We provide a comprehensive and distinctive range of infrastructure covering a wide range of sectors and technology sectors to meet the needs of different start-ups and enterprises。

Your journey of innovation and growth begins here, with your roots in Hong Kong as the elite of Asia's world city。

Science park


Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) is striving to become a global hub for innovation and research, facilitating collaboration and exchange of creative talents and stimulating creative thinking。

We have a number of world-class supporting facilities, including interdisciplinary RESEARCH and development facilities, innovation space suitable for different sizes of enterprises, and the highest quality innovation and collaboration living space, providing a unique innovation base for the innovation community。

Park features:

4 million square metres (equivalent to 70 football pitches) of R&D offices for innovation and corporate partners

More than 1000 technology enterprises and companies from 23 countries and regions

It has 16,000 members, including 11,000 r&d staff

We provide the best innovation environment for start-ups and small and large enterprises, and actively promote an open innovation culture。Join our creative ecosystem now, and collaborate with different people to push boundaries and innovate together with our shared belief。Email toadmissions@wantthatphoto.comLearn more。

Innovation center

Kowloon tong

The Hong Kong Science Park Innovation Centre is conveniently located in Kowloon, about 20 minutes by car from the Science Park。The Innovation Center is an important part of the innovation ecosystem, promoting new supporting facilities in the new era of fintech。The Innovation Centre provides a convenient and comfortable space for start-ups and enterprises, as well as three shared collaboration Spaces for programme participants and graduates。

The Innovation Centre is a breeding ground for innovative ideas and is committed to nurturing the young generation of innovators and start-ups。Email toadmissions@wantthatphoto.comLearn more。

Shared workspace

In a fast-changing world, flexibility is the key to the success of startup development。We are committed to providing a series of shared and collaborative Spaces for the innovation ecosystem, providing the most flexible and inspiring office solutions for start-ups and science and technology venture projects。

From individual work Spaces to private rooms, our shared and collaborative Spaces cater to the start-up needs of different stages of entrepreneurship。The flexible and diverse working environment also improves your work efficiency, so that like-minded talents can cooperate and encourage each other, and promote your business development in an all-round way。

Stay in our shared and collaborative space for inspiration, imagination and creativity。Email tocoworking@wantthatphoto.comLearn more。


Our innovation ecosystem encourages startups to face challenges, have the courage to try, and take the initiative to absorb new knowledge to rapidly promote business development。

We provide the world's top experimental space to verify your innovative ideas, towards the dream。Our specialized laboratories are staffed with technical experts to serve your specific needs。

The LABS are all within easy reach, allowing you to use them on demand and in a flexible manner。Explore our rich laboratory resources and discover unique facilities in the campus。If you have any enquiries, please email tolabs@wantthatphoto.comContact us。


STP Platform

To break through the boundaries of the geographical environment and launch an unprecedented project in Hong Kong。Gather industry leaders in the innovation ecosystem, build the largest sandbox in Hong Kong, and jointly promote the rapid growth of the next generation of innovation elites。

We invite companies and professionals from the real estate, finance and innovation sectors to build the world's largest virtual laboratory to create, collect and connect the huge data portfolio of STP Platform, connecting the real and virtual environments, realizing their dreams together and leading the revolution of The whole innovation。STP Platform enables us to further enhance r&d technology development in the rapidly changing field of innovation。We welcome thinkers and innovators to join us。If you are interested in building the virtual lab, please email


The Innovation Room is an intelligent living and collaboration space specially designed for HKSTP innovation talents to develop the innovation and science collaboration community。

The design of the building is both functional and aesthetic, and creates a new shared space of life mode with smart living technology, which promotes the collaboration and communication of like-minded innovators, inspires creative thinking and benefits people with science and technology。

The Innovation Room is the first project in Hong Kong to be built using the assembly and synthetic construction method. It demonstrates a safe, cost-effective and sustainable innovative construction model to enhance the overall quality of construction。The design has won several awards in the global architecture industry, including the year 2020 Rethinking The FutureRunner-up in the housing and Public Institutions (Concept) category, andWorld Architecture Journalism Award 2021 (WAN Awards 2021)Silver award in the "Residential" category。


Innovation park

The Hong Kong Science Park is leveraging advanced manufacturing to help re-industrialise Hong Kong。Our three industrial zones in Tseung Kwan O, Yuen Long and Tai Po have introduced high-tech equipment for mass production。

Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate

The 75-hectare Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate has a special waterfront site, which is particularly suitable for the Marine industry or projects requiring ships, such as heavy industry, commercial manufacturing and ICT related services。Key projects include a data technology center and an advanced manufacturing center。

Yuen Long Industrial Estate

The 67-hectare Yuen Long Industrial Estate covers a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biomedicine and logistics。Key projects include the Microelectronics Center。

Tai Po Industrial Estate

The 75-hectare Tai Po Industrial Estate serves food manufacturing, media services and fashion products companies, as well as local and international brands。Key projects include precision manufacturing centers and medical supplies manufacturing centers。

Hong Kong - Shenzhen Innovation And Technology Park

The hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park, which will soon be completed, will serve as a cross-boundary bridge to facilitate resource sharing between Hong Kong and the Mainland of China and provide ample business space for enterprises。Strategically located along the Lok Ma Chau Loop, the new park is four times the size of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, enabling businesses to easily connect with the manufacturing and human resources of the Greater Bay Area。

If you are interested in setting up a research site in one of the above locations, please contact us。

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