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Privacy Policy Statement

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (" HKSTP "or" the Company ") maintains a policy of safeguarding the privacy of individuals and ensures that all information provided by our customers, including users of our website, is treated confidentially。We do not collect any identifying information (" Personal Data ") when any person visits our website.。If HKSTP is required to collect personal data,For example, when personal data need to be collected in the process of making enquiries or applying for HKSTP services,We will inform relevant people of the purpose of collecting their personal information through the "Personal Information Collection Statement" on our website,And persons in any sector who may receive such information in the future,Whether the disclosure is compulsory or voluntary。Some websites set cookies. The purpose is to facilitate future access to the same website and not for any other purpose。

Any personal data collected will be processed and stored in the company's internal systems。In summary, only authorised and properly trained staff have access to such personal data。HKSTP will use personal data for the purposes for which the relevant person has been informed or permitted。Similarly, HKSTP will never send direct marketing materials to promote our products and services without the informed consent of the person concerned, and we will also provide such person with an option not to receive such materials at any time from HKSTP。

All persons who have provided personal data to HKSTP have the right to request access to or correction of their personal data。To exercise this right, please send an email to

HKSTP is committed to complying with all requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the business practices recommended by the Ordinance。If any person has any questions about our privacy policy or practices, please send an email to Contact our data Protection Officer。

Personal Information Collection Statement

The information you provide will be used to process your request for consultation or services。We will not disclose your information and identity to any third party。您有權要求查閱或修改在我們記錄裡與您有關的信息;在任何情況下,如果您希望查閱或修改你在我們記錄裡的個人信息,請發送電子郵件至

Please refer toPersonal Information Collection Statement