Terms of use

Terms of Use

The rules of use indicated below apply to your use of this website. Please read them carefully。

1. 定義

"Information" means information, data, content, analysis, news, reports, programs, photographs, images, charts, video, audio, software and other materials and services, communications and other tangible or intangible items
"Personal Data" means personally identifiable or sensitive data (including but not limited to name, age, address, occupation, contact, other personal details and credit card details)
Hong Kong Science park,
"Science and Technology Park", "Our Park",
"Park" means the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
"Affiliated companies of science park",
"HKSTP Affiliate Companies" means the HKSTP agents and their respective agents, staff, affiliate companies and employees
"Rules of Use" means the rules of use indicated below as amended from time to time
"Third Party Provider" means any person other than HKSTP who provides information or services on this website
"Your excellency" and "your Excellency" mean any person who accesses this website
"Web page" and "Website" means WWW.hkstp.And other web pages hosted by HKSTP from time to time

2. Change the web
The Park may at any time, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, add, amend or remove any information from this website or change the presentation, content or functionality of this website。

3. User behavior
As a condition of using this website, you may not:

Hack into, force into, access, use or attempt to hack into, force into, access or use any other part of the Campus server and/or any data area that you have not been granted permission by the Campus;
Restrict or prevent any other user from using and enjoying this website;
Post or transmit any illegal, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, threatening, obscene, offensive, objectionable or otherwise objectionable or excessive information of any kind,Including, but not limited to, transmission containing or abetting may constitute a criminal offence and result in civil liability,Or otherwise violates any local, national, national or foreign law;
Post or transmit any advertisement, pitch, chain letter, laminated marketing plan, investment opportunity or plan or other unsolicited commercial communication, or spamming or flooding the screen;
Post or transmit any information or software containing any virus, spoofer, worm or other harmful component;
Post, publish, transmit, copy, distribute or in any way use any information obtained from this Website for commercial purposes;
Or upload, post, publish, transmit, reproduce, or in any way distribute the copyrighted or other proprietary information obtained from the Web site, or make derivative works of such information without the prior written permission of the copyright owner or rights holder。
You have no rights in this Web site or the Information provided therein, and you may not use the information provided on this Web site for any purpose or in any manner except as permitted by the Rules of Use。

4. Third Party Information
The information may contain information provided by third party providers or obtained by HKSTP from other reference materials or sources。Information on this website relating to any person, product or service shall not be regarded as HKSTP's recommendation or endorsement。

若任何資訊並非最新的,科技園概不負責;科技園對該等資訊不另核實。The park therefore assumes no responsibility for such information。You use and rely on such information at your own risk。

5. Links to this web page
Links to this web site may take you to other web sites and you acknowledge and agree that HKSTP and its affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy or validity of any information provided by the links。

Links to other sites do not constitute HKSTP's endorsement of such sites or the information, products, advertising or other materials provided by such sites。

6. 補償
閣下同意就閣下違反使用規則的任何一款及/或使用本網頁有關或因此而產生的任何責任、損害賠償、申索、訴訟、費用及支出(包括但不限於法律費用)而為本園提出抗辯,作出補償並使本園及科技園各聯號公司不受傷害。If necessary, the park may defend any claim or lawsuit and participate in any settlement negotiations。Without the prior written consent of the Garden, no settlement shall be made which adversely affects the garden's rights or obligations。The park reserves the right to exercise its exclusive defence and control over any claim or action at its own expense upon notice to you。

7. Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property rights contained in this website belong to HKSTP or are legally licensed by HKSTP for use on this website。All rights hereby reserved under applicable law。Unless expressly permitted by HKSTP, you may not upload, post, publish, copy, transmit or distribute any of the components of this website or create derivative works on it in any way, as this website is copyrighted under applicable laws。

閣下同意本園可自由及無需支付閣下任何款項的情況下使用、披露、采用、更改任何及所有由閣下就有關網頁及/或服務提供給本園的概念、技術、建議、提議、意見及其他通訊及資料("回應")。You hereby waive and agree to waive any and all rights and claims against the Park for any costs, costs, copyright fees, charges and/or other charges relating to the use, disclosure, adoption and/or alteration of any or all of your responses。

8. Limited liability and warranty
All information is for your general reference only。HKSTP is not responsible for such information。

You access and use our website at your own risk and our website is provided in accordance with the current situation and accessibility。This website is for your personal use only and the park makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any specific purpose。

With respect to this website or otherwise, the full responsibility of the park and your full compensation is for the re-provision of incomplete services。In jurisdictions that do not permit the exclusion or limitation of certain liability, the liability of the Park will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law。We do not endorse, guarantee or guarantee any materials, products or services provided through our website。We are not and will not be a party to any transaction between you and any third party。

Neither HKSTP nor its affiliates guarantee or assume any liability for:

Whether the information provided on this website is accurate, adequate, timely or reliable, or can be used for any purpose other than general reference;
Whether the information provided on this website is free of defects, errors, omissions, viruses or anything harmful that may change, delete, add to or damage your software, data or equipment;
Messages sent over the Internet will not be intercepted, interrupted or lost;
When connected, this web page is available or uninterrupted;
Or defects in this web page will be corrected。

在任何情況下,科技園或其各聯號公司對閣下或者任何其他人士因使用或不能使用該等資訊所發生的任何直接的、間接的、附帶引起的、特別的、懲罰性的或者間接性的損失(包括任何業務或盈利的損失),不承擔任何責任。This is true even though HKSTP or its associated companies are aware of the possibility of such damages。

You should use and rely only on your own skill and judgment in using or interpreting such information。It is your responsibility to ensure that use of such information complies with all applicable legal requirements。

Limitations of liability contained in these Rules of Use apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law。

9. Privacy policy
For details of our privacy policies and practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement。If the service is required to collect personal data, you should also refer to the relevant user agreement attached to the form through which your personal data are collected。

Please also refer to our Privacy Policy statement for more information on how we use cookies。

10. Part of the invalid
Any provision of these Rules of Use becomes unlawful, invalid or unenforceable under the laws of any jurisdiction,This shall not affect its legality, validity or enforceability under the laws of any other jurisdiction,Nor shall it affect the legality, validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Rules。

11. Other matters
No waiver of any violation of these Rules of Use shall constitute a waiver of any other violation。The headings in these rules of use are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation。

12. Governing law and jurisdiction
These Rules shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region。You agree to submit yourself to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong。

13. Chinese version
In the event of any conflict or discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Rules, the English version shall prevail。If any part of the Chinese text is unclear, reference should be made to the English text。The Chinese text shall not be translated into English for comparison or interpretation。

Guidelines on the use of the Corporate logo of Hong Kong Science parks Corporation


Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has full authority to approve applications for use of the logo。Submission of an application form does not constitute approval。HKSTP reserves the right to impose conditions when approving the application。

Terms and Conditions

1. HKSTPC logo is the sole property of HKSTPC and shall not be used without prior written authorization of HKSTPC。Use rights are limited to the applicants listed on the form。 Applicants must complete all sections of the application form and submit it at least five working days before the expiry date specified in the application form。HKSTP reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized and/or unqualified use of the logo without prior notice。

2. HKSTPC reserves the right to immediately terminate, revoke, modify or suspend all or part of the approved use rights or any rights (including conditions) in connection with the approval process。 HKSTP may exercise its absolute rights at any time without giving cause or liability, compensation or prior notice。

3. The right to use the HKSTPC logo is approved on a case-by-case basis. The name of the relevant project must be indicated in the form。Under no circumstances shall the HKSTP logo be used or attached to any unapproved project/programme, activity or use without the prior written consent or approval of the HKSTP。當申請人完成、終止或退出申請表所列的項目後, 必須立即停止使用科技園公司機構標誌及所有包含科技園公司機構標誌的物料,並必須在所有相關資源及媒體, 包括但不限於其電子檔案中,移除及刪除科技園公司機構標誌。

4. By making an application, the applicant agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions, without exception:

申請獲批准後,申請人即時接受並遵守附件所列舉的企業品牌規範指引(企业形象指南)內的Terms and Conditions約束,以及由香港科技園公司在任何時間提出的修改。
HKSTPC reserves the right to terminate the approved use rights of the HKSTPC logo without liability or compensation。
Submit the final version of the material to HKSTP for approval not less than 2 working days prior to publication of the material containing the HKSTP corporate logo。Materials may not be published or used without the prior written approval of the Hong Kong Science parks Corporation。HKSTPC reserves the sole and absolute right of approval。
The application forms, terms and Conditions and annexes shall be governed and governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Region。

5. The information collected by HKSTPC will only be used for the approval and assessment of applications。HKSTP will process the information collected in accordance with the privacy Policy statement。For details of HKSTPC's Privacy Policy statement, please visit http://www.wantthatphoto.com/privacy-policy/。

This Chinese translation is for reference only. If there is any inconsistency or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail。

For enquiries on the use of the HKSTP corporate logo, or for an application form, please email brandcheck@hkstp.Org query。

OnePass@HKSTP Wi-Fi




  1. 美高梅登录网站公司(“科技园”)已设立OnePass@HKSTP帐户管理服务,供科技园Spark会员及公众用户使用. OnePass@HKSTP是一个统一的用户帐户,可使用由美高梅登录网站及合作伙伴提供的各项服务。.
  1. 科技园已聘请多个SP为OnePass@HKSTP的用户(以下简称“用户”)提供在科学园内及科学园外的无线局域网接驳互联网(如有)(以下简称“服务”). 任何使用及/或使用本服务的行为,均构成您同意受本条款及条件约束,包括(a)服务供应商条款及条件(定义如下)及(b)美高梅登录网站不时对本条款及条件作出的任何更改.


Eligibility and Availability

Subject to the approval of HKSTP, all Users are eligible to use the entitled Service.


Free of Charge



Registration of the Service



Representations and Warranties

Without prejudice to the generality of these Terms and Conditions, by using and/or accessing the Service each User represents, warrants and undertakes as follows:

  1. 所有向科技园提供的有关本服务的资料完整、准确及真实;
  2. to accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by the same; and
  3. 适当遵守并遵守适用于本服务的所有法律法规以及本条款和条件.

Any personal data (as defined in Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap. 486)就本服务或通过本服务向您收集的信息,将受香港stp的隐私政策(“香港stp隐私政策”)和/或适用的SPs条款和条件(“SPs条款和条件”)的约束。.  HKSTP Privacy Policy and SPs Terms and Conditions can be found at .

In addition to HKSTP Privacy Policy, 你同意科技园可将你提供给任何科技园的个人资料,用于与本服务有关的用途.   


Use of Service

By using and/or accessing the Service, each User acknowledges, accepts, agrees and/or undertakes that:

  1. each User shall not, or permit any other person to, send or attempt to send or cause to be sent, 不符合任何适用司法管辖区所有适用法律的任何商业电子讯息;
  1. each User shall not resell, sub-license, 将您使用本服务的权利以包括但不限于共享通过OnePass@HKSTP获得的任何用户名和密码的任何方式转让或转让给任何人. 每个用户还承诺保护这些用户名和密码不被未经授权的使用;
  1. each User shall not hack, break into, access, reverse engineer, use or attempt to hack, break into, access, reverse engineer or use any part of (i) the Service and/or any data areas on SPs’ servers for which you have not been authorised by SPs; and (ii) any web site of any third party for which you have not been authorised;
  1. each User shall not, or permit any other person to, send, publish, distribute, make available to other Internet users, transmit or circulate any material or content that is obscene, indecent, vulgar, pornographic, seditious, offensive, defamatory, threatening, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, menacing, in breach of confidence, infringes or is likely to infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, 任何第三方的精神权利或其他知识产权,或违反任何适用司法管辖区的所有适用法律;
  1. HKSTP and/or SPs may, in their sole discretion and without liability to any User or any users, change, deactivate, withdraw, suspend or terminate any and all the Service and/or change these Terms and Conditions, with or without reason and/or notice to any User . Without prejudice to the generality of the other Terms and Conditions, 如任何用户未能遵守本条款及条件的任何规定或违反任何司法管辖区的任何适用法律,美高梅登录网站及/或科技园有权终止本服务 
  1. HKSTP and SPs shall not be responsible or liable for any acts, omission, 因使用本服务而产生的或与使用本服务有关的任何用户和/或任何用户(无论是否经授权)的违约或疏忽;
  1. any User shall not tamper, change or modify or in any other ways seek to or attempt to tamper, Change or modify the SPs' network;
  1. any User shall fully comply at all times with (i) the all law and regulatory requirements applicable to the use of the Service in any applicable jurisdiction; and (ii) all instructions, 美高梅登录网站或科技园不时施加的补充条款及条件或指引. 每位用户进一步承诺不将本服务用于或允许他人用于美高梅登录网站及/或科技园认为不适当的任何目的, immoral, defamatory, fraudulent or otherwise in contravention of the applicable law in any jurisdiction;
  1. any User must not, or permit any person to, use the Service to publish, post, upload, transmit, re-transmit, send, or circulate any software or other materials that:

a. contain any computer viruses, worms, software bombs, Trojan horse or other harmful or malicious computer instructions, devices or techniques that can or were designed to threaten, infect, damage, 关闭或关闭任何电讯设备或电脑系统的任何组件;

b. contain any hidden files;

c. replicate, 在不受操作其所在计算机设备的人控制的情况下传输或激活其自身;

d. alter, damage or erase any data or computer programs without control of a person operating the computing equipment on which it resides; and/or

e. contain any illicit code;

  1. any User must not, or permit any person to, copy, encode, digitise, reformat, compress, intercept, interfere, 或以任何方式或手段篡改或以其他方式操纵本服务的信号;
  1. 美高梅登录网站及/或科技有限公司可(虽然科技园及/或科技有限公司并无义务)全部或部分删除(i)任何怀疑是滥发讯息及/或(ii)受病毒感染的档案, messages, contents or any other materials, with or without notice to any User; and
  1. the SPs Terms and Conditions shall be binding on any all Users to the fullest extend.  In the event of inapplicability, inconsistency or conflict, between Terms and Conditions and SPs Terms and Conditions, 美高梅登录网站有绝对酌情权决定以何种条款和条件或条款和条件的哪一部分为准.  Reference to Terms and Conditions herein shall include SPs Terms and Conditions. 


Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

  1. 每位用户明确承认并接受(a)使用本服务存在风险,您应承担与安全相关的所有及任何责任和责任, privacy and confidentiality risks arising out of or relating to the Wi-Fi and/or wireless communications and technology; (b) the Service is provided on an "as is" and/or "as available" basis (as the case may be); and (c) HKSTP and SPs do not make any warranty, undertaking, representation or assurance relating to the use of the Service.
  1. The Internet accessible via the Service may contain unedited or uncensored materials, 其中一些内容不适合未成年人使用,或可能冒犯本服务的任何用户. 每一用户承担与使用本服务和通过本服务访问的互联网相关的所有和任何风险和责任,并单独负责评估准确性, completeness, usefulness, quality and merchantability of all materials, data, information, contents, services, products or merchandise, provided through the Service and/or the Internet accessible via the Service.
  1. HKSTP and/or SPs do not warrant or represent that the Service will be uninterrupted, error-free, or free of computer viruses, worms, software bombs, hidden files, illicit codes, Trojan horse or any other harmful or malicious computer instructions.
  1. 在法律允许的范围内,科技园及科技园不作任何明示的保证及陈述, 每个用户放弃美高梅登录网站及SPs的所有隐含保证及声明(包括, without limitation, the warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose) regarding any materials, data, information, contents, services, 通过本服务提供的产品或商品,或通过本服务访问的互联网.
  1. No advice, data or information provided or statements made by HKSTP or SPs, their employees, agents, representatives or contractors shall constitute or is deemed to constitute a warranty, undertaking, representation or assurance whatsoever pertaining to the Service. Any statements made and any data or information provided in packaging materials, 美高梅登录网站或科技园的手册或其他文件仅供阁下参考,并不视为保证, undertaking, representation or assurance relating to the Service made by HKSTP and/or SPs, their employees, agents, representatives or contractors. 
  1. Each User acknowledges and accepts that to such extent permitted by law, HKSTP and SPs, their affiliates, employees, agents, representatives or contractors shall not be liable for any action, claim, proceeding, demand, loss, damage, liability, charge, 任何用户和/或任何用户(无论是否经您授权)使用本服务和/或通过本服务访问互联网而产生的任何成本和费用. In particular, each User acknowledges and accepts that HKSTP and SPs, their affiliates, employees, agents, representatives and contractors expressly disclaim any and all liability for: 

a. any indirect, special, economic, collateral, incidental, consequential or punitive loss or damage, whether in contract, tort, statutory or otherwise, suffered, 任何用户或因本服务而产生或与本服务有关的任何人持续或招致的. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, indirect or consequential loss or damage includes, without limitation, loss of revenue, profit, anticipated savings or business, loss, corruption or damage to data, voice or other information, loss of goodwill, loss of bargain, loss of opportunities, loss of use or value of any equipment and software, any third party claims, and, all associated and incidental costs and expenses;

b. any claim, loss or damage relating to any materials, data, information, contents, services, products or merchandise supplied, provided, 由或通过本服务出售或提供的(或任何未能或延迟提供的), provide, sell or make available); 

c. any claim, loss or damage relating to any disruption, termination, suspension or degradation of the Service or any part thereof;

d. any claim, loss or damage which is attributable to a Force Majeure (as defined below) event; and

e. any damage to or loss of software and/or hardware installed in your computer, device or other equipment for the purpose of using the Service.


  1. 每位用户及/或任何用户均须/须对您自己的财产负责,而科技园及科技园对任何或该等财产的任何损失或损害概不负责.



每名用户同意,应要求对所有索赔作出充分赔偿,并使HKSTP和/或SPs免受损害, actions liabilities, costs, expenses, loss or damage (including but not limited to consequential losses, loss of profit and loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal and other professional costs and expenses) (i) incurred by the HKSTP and/or SPs; and/or (ii) arising from or relating to (directly or indirectly) any default or any violation of any of such User’s obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


General provisions

  1. 美高梅登录网站保留取消或更改本服务的权利,并拥有审核的绝对决定权, 批准和/或接受本服务的任何用户,但无义务就其任何决定提供任何理由. In the event that the Service is cancelled and/or changed for whatever reason, HKSTP will not incur any liability towards any party arising from such cancellation.
  1. 美高梅登录网站有权拒绝任何一方使用本服务,并有权要求任何一方停止使用本服务, such party (i) fails to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions; or (ii) is found to have behaved in an illegal or anti-social manner; or (iii) is found to have violated any of these Terms and Conditions. The decision of HKSTP in this regard shall be binding and conclusive.
  1. 如未能提供本协议要求的准确信息和/或信息,则可能导致相应用户访问或使用本服务的时间延迟或无效.
  1. 未经美高梅登录网站事先书面同意,任何用户不得以任何方式使用美高梅登录网站的名称及/或标识. 
  1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change from time to time. Please visit the website for the latest version of the Terms.
  1. 美高梅登录网站未能或延迟执行任何本条款及细则,并不构成对本条款及细则中任何权利的放弃.
  1. 如果本条款和条件中的任何条款被任何法院发现无效或不可执行, 无效或不可执行的条款应被切断或修改,以使条款的其余部分以及本条款和条件的其余部分仍然有效并可执行. 
  1. Interpretation of any of these Terms and Conditions is the sole prerogative of HKSTP. 美高梅登录网站就本条款及条件的解释及因本服务而产生的任何问题所作的所有决定均具有约束力及最终决定权.
  1. 本条款及条件须根据中华人民共和国香港特别行政区的法律及规例解释及解释,任何争议须受香港法院的非专属管辖权管辖.
  1. 本合约各方不打算根据《mgm高梅美线路入口》(第(3)章)强制执行本合约的任何条款及条件. 623 of the laws of Hong Kong).
  1. 本条款及条件及/或本服务的终止不影响美高梅登录网站的任何已累积权利.


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